Speaking of water, don’t let the summer end without a local splash!


As August rolls to a close, and the kids are off to school, it’s easy to feel like summer is on its way out.

Here in Nashville, however, temperatures can stay in the 80s for much of September, meaning swimming season is certainly not over.

Swimming Holes in Tennessee - Fall Creek Falls

Fall Creek Falls Tennessee

To make sure you don’t miss out on some of the area’s amazing swimming opportunities, we’ve rounded up a list of  the coolest (no pun intended) spots to take a dip.

1. Cummins Falls, Cookeville, TN: Cummins Falls State Park is home to Tennessee’s eighth-largest waterfall, and has been a favorite swimming spot for locals for many years. Please note, visiting the falls will involve a strenuous hike and slippery rocks.

2. Fall Creek Falls State Park, Spencer, TN: Fall Creek Falls State Park is home to multiple gorgeous waterfalls, including Fall Creek Falls, Cane Creek Falls, and Piney Falls. Located in Spencer, the park is known as an ideal spot to chase waterfalls, and it has a variety of options for camping, including tents sites and cabins.

3. Foster Falls Recreation Area, Sequatchie, TN: Foster Falls is a stunning 60-foot waterfall that pours into a deep pool. Part of South Cumberland State Park, the falls offer a peaceful and safe spot for easy hiking, beautiful views, and of course, a swim.

4. Ozone Falls Scenic-Recreational State Natural Area, Crossvile, TN: If you’re only going to visit one of these spots, you can’t miss Ozone Falls near Crossville, TN. In fact, portions of Disney’s The Jungle Book were even filmed at the stunning 110-foot falls. The falls’ unique name is said to come from the “stimulating quality of the air” created by the mist from the falling water.

5. Greeter Falls, Altamont, TN: Also part of South Cumberland State Park, Greeter Falls is easily accessed via a short hike. This is a popular spot for cliff jumping, and is comprised of lower and upper falls which both offer stunning views and swimming.

6. Burgess Falls State Park and Natural Area, Sparta, TN: Burgess Falls State Park and Natural area is home to four waterfalls, the most spectacular of which cascades over 130 feet. Visiting the falls involves a strenuous hike, but the area is known for its natural beauty and wildlife.

As you can see, the numerous parks and nature areas surrounding Nashville have a lot to offer when it comes to water recreation. We hope you’re able to find time to visit a few of the above spots.

Still, we couldn’t let you go without a few water health and safety tips. It’s important to keep these in mind whenever you go swimming in a public body of water, particularly an untreated body of water, like a lake, river, or natural swimming hole.

  • Treated water, like a pool or hot tub, undergoes some level of filtration or purification, as well as regular visits from water maintenance specialists.
  • In order to stay safe and healthy in untreated waters, which can be contaminated by naturally occurring bacteria, viruses, or parasites, it’s critical to ingest as little water as possible and ensure proper washing and hygiene before and after entering the water source.
  • More information about recreational water safety can be found via the Tennessee Department of Health.
  • Additionally, an aspect of water safety you may not have considered is its accidental transfer back to your home. If you happen to bring some of these waterborne bacteria or illnesses into your home after swimming, it’s important to be sure that your home’s water supply is being filtered and treated regularly.

The team at AquaPure Solutions can help you assess your home’s water supply and determine the best filtration system to keep your family safe, healthy, and hydrated.

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