Do you looked at your Brita pitcher and wonder if they are doing all they claim to do? It really depends on why you bought them. Brita pitchers (and similar brands) are mostly effective for improving the taste of your water. But they aren’t necessarily effective for other filtration purposes. Brita pitchers remove some toxins, but not all. They are not useful for removing contaminants like lead. One concerning thing about pitcher water filters is that they can put a tremendous amount of bacteria into the water that you drink. The reason for this is that people often do not change the filter. Then the filter gets dirty and remains damp for long periods of time. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So while a person buys a pitcher filter for beneficial reasons, it can be incredibly counterproductive. 


Knowledge of Contaminants


Cheaper water filters only treat a handful of contaminants. Do you even know if those are the contaminants that affect your home water? If you call Aqua Pure Solutions, we can set up a time to test your water. This way we can assist you with getting the contaminants that are most relevant to Nashville out of your water. 


What is the quality of water like in Nashville?


Parts of Nashville have outdated plumbing infrastructure. This is the main reason lead can get into the drinking water. There is no safe amount of lead. Lead is usually leached into water sources from corroded pipes. Because most of the water in Nashville comes into contact with the Cumberland River, there are a lot of industrial pollutants that come into contact with our drinking water. Two specific ones in Nashville water is Chromium 6 and Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs). These are contaminants that have been found to be cancerous. 




Do you struggle to keep your Brita pitcher filled? Wouldn’t it be nice to get great tasting water that is safe for the whole family right out of your faucet? A better and more permanent solution may be right for your home.


K5 Drinking Water Station


The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station is a great alternative to a Brita pitcher. It is compact enough to fit under a kitchen sink (or anywhere else that you prefer). The reverse osmosis water purification is extremely effective at removing contaminants from water. In fact, it is fully customizable to your contaminants that are actually in your water. Aqua Pure Solutions can tailor the filters we use to your personal water test. The K5 Drinking Water Station has multistage filters that can handle this task. It can also be hooked up to your ice maker, so your ice is clear of contaminants as well. You also never have to worry about overlooked and dirty filters, because the Kinetico filter will notify you when the filter needs to be changed. You will also never have to go through the arduous task of refilling a water pitcher. This filtered water comes straight through your tap. It is a strong steady flow, and can produce 40 gallons a day. It is non- electric, so you do not have to worry about power outages. Additionally, Aqua Pure will also back up this filtration system with a 10 year warranty. 

Call Aqua Pure today if you are interested in a water test or a new water filter.